Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunflowered, (Va)Nilla-Lime & Stormy scented ...


©HomeTarts Candle Tarts are back & for the first go at 
Spring/Summer scents.

3 smells will be offered.

As smells are different to each person, so is describing a particular scent as it varies to individuals.
We will offer our best interpretation to the above.  

-sunflowered;  have you ever smelled a Sunflower? than you know. it is a clean yet hearty scent.  not real flowery either. more of a soft earthy feel to it. the one that makes you smile.

-(va)nilla lime;  this one is in the name. a bit of lime mixed into a bit of vanilla and POP, yummy.

-stormy watch;  right before it rains. the one that makes you breathe in deeply and exhale while saying ' smells like it's gonna storm' .  that is this one!

I will begin selling these starting 5/1/12.
If you would like to order please email at my contact in sidebar.

Packaging and pricing as follows:
3 X-large candle Tarts/per bag-  12.oo
2 Bags of 6 XL Tarts total-  23.oo

Ship- 4.95 for up to 2 bags.
refer a friend- ship is 3.95 !

I have made the Tarts and burned the scents- which means the Tarts I had are, well, liquefied right now.  The colors offered in this batch will be yellow, blue, and cream.  You may pick and choose scents and colors per bag ! We have made and sold two sizes before; the XL solid colored and the medium-small holiday pies.  These here are the XL solid Tarts.  Here is an example photo of the same size Tarts sold during Fall.  The colors will be different but you get the idea :)  If you look closely you can compare them to the craft apples in the basket behind the photo, for sizing.  

All Tarts are made with skin safe essential oils.
Tarts are all Extra Large.  Compared to the average one you would see in a candle store, these are about 4X the size- each !  $4.oo per Tart if ordering 3 or approx. $3.83? (i'm doing this math in my head) per Tart if ordering 6, really equals out to 1/4 of the average store price when looking at overall candle Tart burn time and scent life because these are so much bigger.  Hope that made sense .

Thanks for visiting.

(photo images courtesy of Google images)

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