Sunday, August 29, 2010

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* the scent(s) you choose per bag
* how many bags you would like to order
* a way to contact you such as an email address; if going by your user id, please make sure you have an email contact within your profile.

Available Scents:



* 12.oo - 1 bag
* 23.oo - 2 bags
Shipping- ships priority box, 5.oo up to 2 bags.

What do you get in each bag?

(3) Large HomeMade Heavily~Scented candle Tarts; very thick & long lasting. Sealed within country~style wrapping.

Each Tart will be a different color representing the Ethiopian colors; cinnamon Red, forest Green & butterscotch Yellow.

Fundraiser pricing & profit:

I wanted to include this information to our customers. after deducting the cost of all materials involved for the finished procuct we priced where your purchase would still offer fundraiser support for the cause. the figure we came up with was that for every bag you buy we will profit approx. 5.oo an order.

Profits go directly into our 2-Trip Travel fund aimed at the extra travel requirement of our adoption; as this (along with my love for making candle tarts) is the whole reason HomeTarts was created.

revisit my opening welcome post, as it includes details of our fundraiser & what exactly it is for, by clicking here.

Remember, to place order:
leave your information within the comment section of this post only.

I will begin making the first batch of Tarts Sept. 22 and will ship Sept. 27.
If you would like to be included within this shipment, please leave your order before Sept. 22.


We will have our sellers payment link added as of Sept. 20th to complete your
order, which will be a paypal/donate button. If you do not have an online method for allowing transactions then please contact me directly at


  1. Besides entertaining, the candles will make great gifts to keep on hand for the upcoming holiday season.
    KC and I auction various items for fundraisers on the Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere bloggie, and we use this comment method for purchasing and the Paypal button for payment.
    So far it has worked very well.
    Sometimes it is confusing as people have different login names versus Paypal versus email, but it all works out.
    Good luck with the candle sales and your upcoming adoption.

  2. Count us in for one bag of Pumpkin. If you do Harvest, we'd like one of those too.

    TinKitty was glad you stopped by! He was quite proud of his red Beret!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. You can add us in for two bags of Pumpkin. Sounds yummy.
    ~Mom ML & KC

  4. I would like to reserve some candles please. So many people/starngers/blog friends helped us with our adoption fund with our first adoption so this is my way of paying it forward a little bit.

    Im a little confused as to how it works here though.

    I will take 1 bag of Apple. You can contact me on my blog :)

    How, when and where do I pay?

    Also, can I blog about your candle fundraiser on my blog to help you get more customers? And also, again when I get my order so I can post pictures of them?

  5. We would like an apple one. Thanks!!

  6. hello my friend ordered some from you and id love to help id like to order and apple and a pumpkin

  7. Hi! Its Rara_0313 I would like a bag of Apple scent! You can contact me at


Thank you for your order!